Bio Energy Distant Healing Treatment Available Covid19



Bio Energy


You can receive a Distant Bio Energy Treatment in the comfort of your own home during the Covid19 Pandemic. Distant healing is a method used to send healing to a client when they may be unable to travel or are to far away to come for a treatment or may be chronically ill.

Treatments will help Release Stress, Anxiety, Boost your Immune System and much more..

Distant healing is based on the understanding that everything in the universe is connected via a vibrating energy field. The energy field of the distant healing therapist “connects” via this universal energy field to the person that requires healing. The therapist can sense and ‘tune in’ to the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing as effectively if the person is in the same room or across the world. It has been around for centuries and is used by thousands of people worldwide.

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Anti Ageing 


**Pick & Mix**


Choose 2 Treatments: 1 Hour 30  Min Treatments: €75 or *€80 for Massage Treatments*


*Bio Energy Healing*




*Anti-Ageing Facial Massage with Mind Calming*

(Treatment includes Shoulder/Neck/& Scalp Massage)


*Holistic Massage*





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** Treatments to Choose From *Bio Energy Healing* *Reflexology* *Holistic Massage* & *Indian Head Massage*



New Treatment Available


Anti-Ageing Facial Massage with Mind Calming


30 Min Treatment:
15 mins Mind Calming & 15 mins Facial Massage: €30


45 Min Treatment:
20 mins Mind Calming & 25 mins Facial Massage: €45


1 Hour Treatment:
30 mins Mind Calming & 30 mins Facial Massage: €60



Mind Calming Healing      &        Facial Massage

facial massage

This Combined Treatment of Anti-Ageing Facial Massage and Mind Calming Energy Healing, is an amazing Anti-Ageing and Stress Release Treatment.
Using Energy Healing Techniques to Calm and Relax the Mind and the Facial Massage as an Anti-Ageing Treatment, to Release Tension in the muscles in the Face which has many benefits.




Combination Treatment Available


Bio Energy Healing and Holistic Massage 

1 Hour Treatment: 30 mins Massage & 30 mins Bio Energy : €60


1 Hour 30mins Treatment: 1 Hr Bio Energy & 30 mins Back Massage : €80

Bio Energy Healing       &         Holistic Massage

Bio Energy Massage


*Combining Bio Energy Healing to your Holistic Massage really helps to Relax any Tension and Knots in the muscles and also Releases Pain.
It makes the massage much more enjoyable and also enables the therapist to provide a deeper massage.*





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