Combination Treatment of

Energy Healing with Holistic Massage


1 Hr Treatment: 30 mins Bio Energy & 30 mins Massage: €70


1 Hr 30 mins Treatment: 1 Hr Bio Energy & 30 mins Massage: €95



Bio Energy Healing       &         Holistic Massage


Energy Healing




*Combining Bio Energy Healing to your Holistic Massage really helps to Relax any Tension and Knots in the muscles and also Releases Pain.
It makes the massage much more enjoyable and also enables the therapist to provide a deeper massage.*



  • Specific Bio Energy Techniques are used to release tension and heal pain in the spine, back, neck and shoulder areas.
  • Helps calm the mind and relieves stress.      
  • It helps release and boost any nerves that may be restricted due to compression in specific areas.
  • It also boosts any blocked energy to the corresponding nerves in each vertebrae, which in turn boosts all the organs in the body.



Bio Energy Healing Treatment with Holistic Massage & What to Expect:

  • A Consultation will be done with the client to find out more about them, what their specific problem may be and to learn more about what they would like to gain out of the treatment.
  • Relax on the bed and get nice and comfortable.
  • The Therapist will perform Bio Energy on the Back to help release muscular tension, heal pain in the spine, back, neck and shoulder areas. Boost the nerves all along the spine, which will in turn boost all areas in the body that the nerves supply.
  • The Therapist will perform Bio Energy on the full body using different techniques to balance the client’s energy and to help heal any physical or emotional problems they have.
  • The client may feel warmth or tingling sensations, each client is different to how they feel or respond to the treatment.
  • The treatment is very relaxing and the client may fall asleep or go into a deep meditation state.
  • After the Bio Energy, Massage Oil will be applied to and the massage will be performed.

*Concentrating on any areas that has muscular knots and tension.*


*The Treatment will last 1 Hour or the Full Bio Energy Treatment with Massage will last 1 Hour 30 mins*




Contact Details: Call: 086 1589705