Babies and Bio Energy Healing:

Babies can receive Bio-Energy Healing from birth. They can really benefit at this early stage in life as it will clear and balance the bodies energy systems to optimize health. The stress of birth, especially if there are complications can be traumatic for the baby. Healing will help the baby to release any birth trauma and provides a healthy body environment giving them the best start in life to thrive.

Bio Energy Therapy can work so effectively for babies because they don’t have the emotional baggage we may have. As we grow and age our bodies can put up barriers as we experience different emotional and physical stresses as a defense mechanism to protect us.  Emotional and physical stresses can occur as we go through our lives from different life experiences. Therapy can work very quickly for them as they are very open to receiving healing and it can be very effective at this early stage of a baby’s life.

Babies are very receptive to energy healing and it can have lifelong benefits on the babies’ well-being. It improves their immune system and strengthens their resistance to common childhood illnesses.

Bio Energy Healing for Pregnancy and After Birth:

Bio Energy is a gentle and safe treatment to have at any stage during pregnancy for both mother and baby. It can really benefit the mother to be and the unborn baby. It has a very relaxing and calming effect on the baby in the womb as when the mother is relaxed so is her baby. Her body is providing optimum growth and development for her baby and it also protects her unborn baby from any stress. Sessions during pregnancy can prepare mother’s to be for a more optimum birth with less complications. It can also relieve morning sickness, back pain, anxiety, stress and oedema and more..

Benefits of Bio Energy Healing for Mother & Baby:

  • Helps provide optimum growth and development in the womb.
  • It helps relax the mother to be and reduces any anxiety or stress.
  • Relieves any symptoms the mother may have e.g. back pain, heartburn, indigestion, oedema etc.
  • It enhances the bonding process and deepens the connection between parent and child.
  • It helps heal and speeds the recovery after birth especially if a Caesarean section was performed.
  • Releases any birth trauma for the baby and provides a healthy body environment giving them the best start to life to thrive.
  • Receiving healing during pregnancy, babies are very calm, feed better and are less prone to colic. 

Bio Energy Healing is a very relaxing treatment and specific protocols are performed for Babies.

*Babies: A treatment will last approx 45 mins to 1 Hour*

*Mother: A treatment will last 1 hour*

*A minimum of 3 treatments is advised to get the most benefit and to heal conditions.*