Anti-Ageing Facial Massage with Mind Calming



45 Min Treatment:

20 mins Mind Calming & 25 mins Facial Massage: €50

( Includes Neck/Shoulders/Face/Scalp Massage)


1 Hour Treatment:

30 mins Mind Calming & 30 mins Facial Massage: €70

(Includes Neck/Shoulders/Face/Scalp Massage)





Mind Calming Healing      &        Facial Massage


facial massage



This Combined Treatment of Anti-Ageing Facial Massage and Mind Calming Energy Healing is an amazing Anti-Ageing and Stress Release Treatment.

Using Energy Healing Techniques to Calm and Relax the Mind and the Facial Massage as an Anti-Ageing Treatment, to Release Tension in the muscles in the Face which has many benefits:


Mind Calming Benefits:

  • Release Stress and Anxiety
  • Calm your Busy Mind
  • Give you more Clarity and be more Decisive
  • Helps create Stillness in your Mind so that you can fully Relax and Release chaotic thoughts, to help you feel you have enough Time throughout your day.
  • Boost Eyes, Skin, Facial Muscles and Relax Overall

Facial Massage Benefits:

  • Anti-Ageing Treatment as it Reduces Wrinkles and Relaxes the Facial Muscles
  • Relieves Tension and Promotes Blood Circulation to your Face.
  • Tightens Facial Muscles and Boosts Collagen so prevents the Formation of Wrinkles
  • Helps to normalize the Moisture Balance of the Skin, eliminates Impurities and Toxins and increases Radiance
  • Massage will flush out any Congestion in the Skin and Sinuses 



 Anti-Ageing Facial Massage with Mind Calming & What to Expect:

  • A Consultation will be done with the client to find out more about them and to learn more about what they would like to gain out of the treatment.
  • Relax on the bed and get nice and comfortable.
  • The Therapist will perform Mind Calming Energy Healing on the Head, Face, Neck and Shoulder areas to help Release Stress, Calm the Mind, Release Muscular Tension and Boost Circulation.
  • The client may feel warmth or tingling sensations, each client is different to how they feel or respond to the treatment.
  • The treatment is very relaxing and the client may fall asleep or go into a meditation state.
  • After the Mind Calming Energy Healing, the Anti-Ageing Facial Massage with be performed.
  • Different Massage Techniques will be performed on the Shoulders and Neck to Release any Tension.
  • Concentrating on the Face, Anti-Ageing Massage Techniques will be performed to Relax the Facial Muscles, to Reduces Wrinkles, Boosts Collagen and Boost Circulation. 
  • Finishing the Treatment with a Scalp Massage.


*The Treatment will last 45mins or 1 Hour*



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